A friend recommended this site and all I can say is WOW! Very informative.

I'm getting the urge to throw my leg over a dirt bike again and have found two bikes and wanted to run them by you all for your input.

the 1st one is a mint 99 wr-400F completely stock with no mods performed. The guy claims he bought it along with a smaller bike to ride with his son. The first time out his son went down hard on his bike and never wanted to ride again. So the wr has sat ever since and it appears that way. He is firm on $2,500 and that seems fair to me considering it's condition. Were there too many bugs in this bike?

The second bike is a 2000 yz-426 with a extra's (exaust, plastic, new in box O ring chain) that was raced by a 44 year old guy 3 times. The bike is very clean and looks great. This guy will let it go for $2,400.00.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The first one sounds like a really good deal if has under 500 miles on it.

Check if it has the stock tires and how much wear is on them.

The tires are stock and look 95%.

Grab it.

the 400 i mean.

i checked out heaps of bikes before i bought my 400, only had 2800ks and was in almost new cond, original tyres. having come from a xr 250 to a wr 400, I can't stop smiling, ride nearly every day with my sons.

Owning a wr is a state of mind.

I agree with everyone else go for the low mileage but verify it has stock tires on it (original OEM tires). Carb is most likely gummed up so clean it and put in a new plug and fresh gas and new oil ( drain it cold and put in new oil). :)

I'm not sure what to think, but I just called the seller to arrange the pickup of the bike and he reluctantly said he decided to keep the bike. Is this an omen to get a newer bike?

Dont give up just be careful with high mileage bikes. You can easily put $2,000. into rebuilding the 4 stroke engine on an well used bike. :)

Id be willing to bet you dont want the YZ, grab that WR400!

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