650R Coolant Consumption...

I road with Haymaker up in Maine last year. My bike had about 500 miles on it, his had lots of miles. Jetting, exhaust, everything very similar. My bike was gurgling like a fountain. His never had a problem. We were both abusing the clutch heavily and riding same pace. Could be a newer motor. Could just be difference between individual motors. Just throw in evans and see if the problem goes away. Sounds to me like you are chasing shadows.

Type of coolant jonny. I like to use Engine Ice. I think the purple looks cool...HeH...

Let me try this again: I'm not interested in running evans, or any other non-water based coolant, and I'm not interested in turning this thread into a flamewar about coolant choice. Thanks anyway. :)

Regarding boiling: yes, BRP's will boil. I race enduros on a KTM 2T in the A class, so I've got a clue about what qualifies as tight and how to ride it. My BRP sees tight when connecting big dualsport loops which is what I like to do with this bike, and it will eventually boil, but not, in my opinion, too early.

When running the stuff where it consumed coolant in Baja, it didn't give the telltale gurgling that the bike typically will when it boils on a trail. When stopped, it didn't "feel" hot to this subjective observer- the gas wasn't boiling (Been there done that) and there wasn't excessive heat coming off the motor like there is in the tight stuff when it gets too hot.

Again, I'll drain it, remove the thermostat (which wouldn't cause coolant loss, btw, unless it contributed to a higher than normal temp), have a gander at the water pump to make sure it looks kosher, and torque the head bolts. If all that goes well, I'll bolt it back together and go torture it in Utah in a few weeks.

Thanks for all the opinions... well, the ones about the question at hand, anyway... :)

Well then. Flamewar? Someone asked a question, I supplied a quick answer. If you're such a "subjective observer", figure it out and post the results. The fluid is going somewhere.

Easy, friend. I'm just trying to keep the thread on topic. My sarcastic sense of humor doesn't always work when typed...

Mine either...I get yah....no probs...

I've gotten in trouble trying to use sarcasm in type, too. Sounds funny in your head.....

Let us know how things work out Neduro.

That is kickass, a hot blonde I hooked up with got mad and told me off by phone after a little joking on the e-mail(today), dam she laughed her ass off for almost an hour by phone and the first e-mail ended that!!!!! She could have used a little coolant herself-right on her***. Reading something can for sure be taken out of context

Maybe this is what you need.


Who needs that coolant system sealer, Neduro's bike, or Hoptup's girlfriend???

hoptup, &%$#@! man?


Drained the coolant.

- Thermostat was frozen as expected, and discarded.

- Water pump and seals looked fine, although the lower mounting bolt showed some corrosion as though it had been leaked on.

- Coolant looked clear- no contamination.

- Headbolts were torqued.

So, no smoking gun for where the coolant went, but also no smoking gun pointing to it being a problem. I bolted her back together and will go flog her in Utah next week.

Thanks for all the help. I'm not going to worry about this unless there is more coolant loss in my upcoming rides... if so, I'll report.

My waterpump drain bolt looked like hell too. Good luck, post an update when you get back.

Just read through the forum to get any info on the subject at hand,as bizarrely enough,my BRP is using coolant on a days hard ride in the mountains and through the tight forests....I only use enough to fill up from the low level mark to the high level mark....I too have no obvious symptoms and meet the same criteria as Neduro!!!...(although off topic a bit I`ll check the thermostat as matter of course tomorrow along with the oil screen!!!)....Any update Neduro to give me a pointer???....Thanks....

You might try the chemical tester to verify if it's a head/headgasket prob. You put this chemical in a tube and hold it over the radiator fill. If the chemical turns from blue to yellow that means you've got byproducts of combustion in your coolant. It is a very good test. I have the equipment at my shop, but you can purchase it at Napa or other jobber type auto parts places.


Can you give me the product name as I`m in Europe!!! or anything such like...thanks...

I believe the name of the product he's referring to is "Blok-Chek" and it can be purchased at NAPA auto parts stores here in the US.

Some more ideas for testing involves pressurizing the cooling system and watching for leaks over a period of time, but this method doesn't tell you where the leak is and it can be a slow process. The other problem is this test is static as opposed to dynamic and this in itself could hide the problem.

You can also use an exhaust gas sniffer to sniff the coolant vapor and it will clue you into a head hasket leak, but it's also not full proof because generally this is done with the radiator cap off, which means the system isn't under pressure.

Another check I can think of is to pressurize the cylinder through the spark plug hole and watch for bubbles or a rising coolant level which would indicate a problem.

You can also send in a sample of your oil for analysis, but combustion often destroys the glycol and some labs only do a simple test for the presense of glycol without taking other factors into consideration. It's quite possible to have a serious coolant leak and not have it detected by analysis if the testing company doesn't also look for the the elemental fingerprint of typical inhibitors which can include sodium, potassium or boron containing molecules. While some motorcycle engine oils do contain Boron (i.e. Mobil MX4T, etc), they don't often contain sodium or potassium and the presence of either of these in an oil sample may indicate a coolant leak.

Should the stock thermostats be replaced with original, replaced with aftermarket, or left out altogether?

Alright, the bike got a good workout in Utah last weekend. No measurable coolant use... guess I'm not going to worry about it. Thanks for the opinions, everyone!

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