IMS 3.4 gallon tank

I just installed a 3.4 tank on my 00 yz426..I love the fact that I can get more miles on a ride now but I noticed one problem, I cant use my choke or hot start :) I know I can move my hot start to my handle bars but what about the choke :) Dont you think they would have used more thought in designing the tank? They should have left a little area for the buttons to pop out? Let me know if any of you guys have the same problem and if and how you solved it?

Do you have the standard IMS or the Ty Davis one?

I don't know if the 00yz426 carb is designed exactly as the 01 WR426 but I don't recall this being a problem. The TyDavis tank is a real problem though... you can't even reach the button...

I got it off ebay so I dont kown which one it is? All I know is I have to stick my hand WAY up there to reach the hot start!

If it has 2 petcocks it is a TY Davis model. If it has a right side only petcock it is a standard IMS and choke and hotstart should be no problem to access.

ty davis model then

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