An amazing amount of weld flash in the 650L headpipe

I had always heard of people cleaning up the stock headpipes. Well, since it was raining all day I decided to pull the head pipe and clean it up. I measured it before, about 1.01" diameter, both sides. I started griding and cleaning. Ended up with about 1.12" diameter both sides. Just over .1" extra diameter. That's a worthwhile effort.

Just some quantitative proof of what can be gained in case your interested.

I found the same thing the header of my old Honda XR600. :)

I ground out a lot of the weld, made the hole a lot bigger, and could feel the extra power after riding it.

Now I'll do the same to my XR650R... :)

I went one step more and wrapped the head pipe with header wrap. It made a notable improvement but now it is backfiring again. It must be scavenging the cylinder better. I will order richer pilot jets again and see what happens.

Ceramic is good.

I got mine ceramic coated at the auto performance shop and it looks great and mud does stick to it and discolor it anymore... :)

How much does the ceramic coating cost?

Ceramic coating cost me $60-80. I don't remember exactly.

It's worth doing. Post a new thread to the list. Someone here knows a good ceramic coatings place that you can mail your header to...

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