I have a 400 will i like the 450?

I have a 99 yz400f and have been racing enduros on a KTM 450exc. I like the handling of the 400 better and have always liked Yamahas better as far as off road but I'm worried about the extra 50ccs as I know the KTM 450 is just

a little to much in the woods and know that the Yam motor disgin is by nature

more powerful. I'm a B class leader level rider so I dont need the (power trip) but would honestly like to hear some actual racers/riders thoughts as i would like to try the YZWR with the (free moads).

The yz 450 handles better than the 400 The 450 is NOT a good woods bike :) 4 speed make's it kinda tuff :)

My bad, I was thinking of the yz450wr and I hear in stock form it is fairly detuned but I guess Im going to bite the bullet and get one. It also looks like I asked this in the wrond forum,Mod can you move it to the WR forum?

Oops just saw your edited post.

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