Hydraulic Clutch YZ426

I want to convert my standard cable clutch to a hydraulic clutch. What do you guys think of the Magura clutch conversion? Anyone tried one of these? If any of you guys have a used one to sell, or know where to get them for a decent price please fill me in. Thanks

ebay 210.00 us for a magura


I put a Magura Hydraulic Clutch on my 03 and I will never ride another bike without a juice clutch again!! The clutch pull is 2 finger easy, heck the first time after I was riding with it I got freaked out thinking it had lost pressure because it was so easy. The other cool thing is the fade resistance of them, you can abuse your clutch more and not have to adjust the cable manually. You should see people's faces when they walk up and pull the clutch in not knowing it's a Hydro, their jaws drop! :) Good luck!

How does the Moose EZ Pull compare to the Magura system?

Though I have never tried the Moose system, I do understand how it works. It will reduce effort however it will take more travel to do so. Trade offs suck.

I might get bashed here.... Not to change the subject....

Put your money towards a Rekluse clutch. You'll never need to use the clutch again.

Hello mate, I too have the Magura on a Yz526 02, but to be honest don't notice hardly any difference, have I installed it correctly :)


Are you saying you can't tell the difference in the clutch pull after installing your Magura? I am not sure what a stock 426's clutch pull is but I know mine is seriously reduced. Did you have an aftermarket lever on before installing the Magura unit? This may have lightened up the pull enough to make it hard to notice the, if any, reduction in pull. I had a friend with a stock 03 450F sitting right next to mine so I could compare, and the difference was pretty amazing.

I am definatly going to buy the Magura clutch.....Ive just got to see the differance myself. Im hoping its going to make a big differance. Is there any real differance between the Magura Jack and the previous model? Just curious because I can get one of the earlier modles alot cheaper.

A friend of mine has the magura juice clutch , and IMO i cannot tell the difference between his and my stocker. I keep all my cables lubed with a cable lube. I swear by the little cable luber you clamp on the end and squirt lube into it. Dont see the need to spend the coin on that magura system. Just my oppinion. :)

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