got a small leak

I have a small leak comming from the front bottom area of my motor. It is like a drip a week if that when the bike is sitting, It is draining onto my skid plate ans i have not taken it off yet to see wha the deal is. Just checking to see if any of you have had something like this happen or if this sounds fimiliar. It is not comming form the breather hose i assure you.

Thanks for the help.


What kind of fluid?

It may be the oil seal on the water pump drive shaft leaking through the weep hole. It may also be from the countershaft oil seal behind the sprocket. :)

Is it a slow leak from the frame plug? it will run down to that area.

I had oil leaking from the right oil hose where it connects to the oil pump. I think I had the bolt cranked down too tight and the adjacent o-ring wasn't seated correctly. I replaced the o-ring and was more careful about the torque on the bolt and it hasn't leaked since.


yes it si oil, and those are great things to check out. I will keep you all posted.


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