will paddle work on 19" w/my '02 426 size?

My friend just got an 18" rear wheel with paddle on his '04 yz450. I noticed he has no clearance between the tire and the rear swing arm. I was going to get a back-up wheel and put a paddle on it, but wanted to get a 19" wheel just like my stock wheel. If I do this is the paddle going to hit my rear swing are and shock?

Thanks in advance.

Also if you know anyone selling a rear wheel that would fit my bike let me know.



just have a chain that is like 2 links longer than your normal chain that you can use with the paddle. i have a 110/90-19 paddle on mine and it is really close, actually, im pretty sure it rubs a little bit but it doesnt hurt my paddle.

How much is a chain that is longer?

the same price as any other chain. some chains come as 120 links and then you have to shorten it as i had to do with mine but others you can order whatever size you want. i was told not to get an expensive o-ring chain for the sand because the sand will just eat up the chain. so just get a decent chain either 116 links or 120 and shorten it up to whatever size you want.

Watch for your mudflap.... mine was a little bit in the way and got destroyed while I was riding :)

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