Yz 350f??

I'm sure others have pondered this. Who else thinks this would be the perfect displacement? Imagine if Yamaha (or any manufacturer for that matter) would make a 350cc 4-stroke, close in weight to the 250F but with more balls, lighter than a 450 and with more manageable power. Make it a 5-valve with 5-speed tranny, aluminum frame (or not?). Sure, it would not qualify to race in the 125cc class, but with lighter weight and more rider friendly power, I bet it would be a 250 and Vet class dream. If Yamaha took a chance on this (like they did with the YZ400 and 250F) I bet they would sell a TON of these. Personally, I know I would be first in line to slap down a deposit on one. This is just my wild fantasy, but does anyone else feel the same? Lets hear it.

I would buy the bike in a heartbeat! I believe the factories think to themelves..."Home many pucking americans will no buy YZF 250 or 450 if we build the 350"

Sad but true. I dont imagine we will ever see it.

The 450 seems pretty light to me (coming off of an XR600) and has mucho balls, so I doubt that a 350 makes much sense really.

What I don't get is the starting mechanisms showing up on everything and adding 8 to 15 lbs to bikes. If you are such a puss you cant kickstart your bike, you need to get another rig.

I think Ahamay could really do a number on Honda by exploiting the lack of AIR cooled XRs. Personally, If I'm going way out in BFE, I like simple reliable machines. The TT lines I suppose is a good way to go.

yea, coming off an XR 600, the 450 probably feels like a 125! Sure, the 450 has plenty of balls (too much in some cases) but the 250F could use more. I mainly ride MX and desert. I've owned a 426, a 250F, and now another 426, and I like characteristics of both. But in some instances I wish the 250F had more power, and I wish the 426 was lighter, better handling. I just think something in between would be perfect, especially in the Vet class.

I can see your logic in wanting a 350f but I don't think any manufacturer will risk the amount of R&D and the increased cost of production for a bike that has no class to race in other than vet class.

This reminds me of the KTM 200 that they were making a year or so ago. Does anybody know if it is still around? It makes sense in that only a few parts would be unique to the model if they based it on the 250F but from a business standpoint it doesn't make sense to schedule production time for a model that most likely wouldn't sell that well in relation to the other models.

I think this is the reason you will see then end of the two stroke 125 very soon by one of the 4 major companies IMHO.

From a business perspective, I agree with the fact that the manufacturers would most likely not want to take on increased production and R&D costs. However, I wouldn't say that model wouldn't sell as well as the others. In fact, I bet a 350F would sell as many units (or more) than the 450. Maybe not as much as the 250F (maybe?). Yamaha took a chance before with the 400, and it payed off by leaps and bounds.

I started out on an 03 YZ450f and 03 YZ250f. I often dreamed of putting the two together into one machine. It would be a great bike for me, in the soft stuff, I'm too big for my 250F, but on the harder tight stuff the 450F is too big for me.

I think it would be the ultimate bike. I honestly do not think anyone would make a 350f mainly because it would take sales away from the other two bikes. It would be like the days of old....125, 250, and 500, because to me the 450 is truely an open class bike.


If they build it....I'd be in line to get one!!

KLX 300 might do.

The YZ's are MX bikes, and as such, are built for existing classes. There is no class in which a 350cc four-stroke would be a fit (like if there were a 175 or 200 class), so there's no reason for anyone to build it, unless the thing could be such a bad a-- that it wins in the 250. (Honda used to dominate the 500 GP road racing class with a 296cc six cyl)

A TT-R 350 would be something else, but it wouldn't be a YZF.

Wouldn't a 350 qualify to race in the 250 class? The existing 250 class isn't a "450 only" class, it's limited to four-strokes up to 450cc. If someone chose to ride a 250F in the 250 class, would the AMA (or other sanctioning body) refuse it? Just wondering.

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