Which Exhaust 00' WR400???

Gidday, :D

I have currently got a White Bros Pro Meg on my bike & I seem to be re-packing * re welding the internals of it more than I am riding it. I have decided to ask the 'Minister for Finance' for a new exhaust, but which one???

I don't see too many posts about the White Bros gear but plenty about FMF. I am only looking at getting the silencer at this stage, (not the header).

Can anyone give some pro's & con's for the different brands please...I also see the 'Big Gun' being advertised a bit on banners, they claim to never have to be repacked. Is this true?

Any advice or opinions are gratefully received...

Thanks, Matt...


Can't speak to anything but the FMF Q. Right at 96 db and performance was much better than stock corked and I think close to the sme when uncorked. I had the stock header on for a while before putting a FMF powerbomb SX on. I probably would not do th header again, but do liekthe pipe a lot!

You may have to go with the WB if you keep the header, not positive though.

I've got the FMF Powerbomb and Q combination because I need 96dB here in Calif. Works fine for me. Had a Powercore4 I used with the stock header, and that worked great, too. Just way too loud.

Can't speak for WB or others, but I've heard the new WB E2 works great with the medium tip.

Most of them will fit with stock header. I know FMF does, but if you're planning on WB or Big Gun, I'd check their websites for compatibility before buying.

Gidday, :)

I have currently got a White Bros Pro Meg on my bike & I seem to be re-packing * re welding the internals of it more than I am riding it....

Matt - I have the same setup. I bought mine used and I'm not sure how you know when one of those pipes needs to be re-packed. Is it just based on volume? How frequently were you re-packing? How many disks are you running? Wondering if I should just follow and think about changing pipes as well. Thanks.

tgodwin, :D

I am running 8 discs, & when the exhaust needs re-packing it starts to sound like there is a hole in the exhaust. The other problem I am having is that the holes that the allen screws screw into to hold the discs on, are getting warn out & are now at the stage where I cant do them up vey tight without stripping them. I have tried to buy a new internal section but have been told by the distributers over here in Aussie that they are not importing any spares for that model anymore... :)

So this is what has led me to the conclusion that I need a new pipe... :o

My problem here is that I live on a remote Island & I haven't got access to be able to go & look at any products in the shops, & I own 1 of the only 2 Blue beasts on the Island...I did hear the other day that the new WB E2 has a mechanicle baffle in it & is apparently supposed to be fairly quite with very little loss in power.

As soon as I make up my mind what I am doing I will re-post & let you guys know the results. TT is my local dealer here, & is the best source of help I have ever came across....Keep up the great info everyone.


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