custom graphics

i h ave some really coold graphics designs that i have made when i was racing video game motorcross madness 1 and 2 but i need actuall measurmants of shrouds and want not so i can actually make them work on a real bike..... anybody have sort of thing?

for what kind of bike is it for and do you have a bike you can measure yours? :)

I was looking for something similar,like a template of yz400 graphics that I could photoshop but never got a reply.

i have a wr400f

i was going to do something in photoshop and 3dstudio max........ i guess i can measure mine but i was also asking for other bike measuremants so i can do some palyin around

Hi,So what you want is a scan of some Shroud/Tank graphics?? I've some here if you want a scan of them ( N-style V2 for the YZ400F/426/250F ),PM me & I'll get your Addy & send them to you with measurements. No problems at all :)

So,How do you make the graphics?? What material do you use for the decal?? How do you & what do you print them on???? I'd be keen on making some also but not to sure about how you go about it.... :)

ruffly want them around 16 mill thick and on vynl .... have to go to a custom shop to have them printed out but you need size and measuremants and best thing to do is do actuall or double size in adobe photshop the better the detail the beter......theres a place locallly here that does the graphics for busses and cars i deliver freight to them all the time and they sayd the take care of me on my graphics

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