Chain to subframe wear on BRAND NEW WR

Hey gang,

I know it's been posted before, but help me out.

What seems to be the best way to bandaid the problem?

I've got less than 20 miles on the bike and the inside edge of the subframe is getting chewed up from the chain (and yes it's adjusted properly)

I'm thinking of a piece of thin stainless shim stock wrapped around the down tube for now. Down the road I'm thinking about adding a tall thin roller for the chain to ride against. Using the same idea as the esisting rollers.

Any ideas.

Here comes Indy.

If it's under Warranty let the dealer fix it.

First it's not. It's over thirty days old (even though it only has 20 miles on it).

Second, even if they put a new subframe on, what's to stop it from happening again?

It appears to me to be a design flaw. The chain path is too close to the subframe.

I'm thinking of a piece of thin stainless shim stock wrapped around the down tube for now.

It's not going to hurt the subframe other than marking it up a bit. All WR's do it.

I like the idea of the stainless shim idea though. Follow up with some photos when you're finished. :)

you might try a hose clamp its cheap

Not again :p

This post made me take a look at my subframe for wear, and what do you know. :) My chain was a little loose after the last ride and now the frame has a bit of damage. Made a plate out of stainless steel to install this weekend. Always something to learn here at TT...or to spend more money on. :)

A small piece of angle aluminum or plastic is needed to prevent chewing throught the sub frame. This is common on all WR 450's . :)

Wow, I've got it too. :) Looks like I'll be making a trip to the old Home Depot for some aluminum. What's a good way to anchor it to the subframe? I was thinking a couple of pipe clamps...SC

I made a stainless piece of angle and riveted to the back of the subframe...with a little silicone sealer for good measure..If I could post a picture I would..I hate hyperlinks :)

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