05 wr450f exhaust mod ?

i drilled the rivets out last night and i was wondering how much force it takes to remove the baffle? ( i think i worded this wrong i meant the snorkel or reducer pipe in side the tail pipe) some people are telling me to remove the 4 hex screws and remove the complete piece and put the hex screws back in to hold in the spark arestor. Then put the cap back.

thank you for the help in advance :)

Out of curiousity, why are you pulling the baffle?

As I recall it does not take much force at all. I just grabed the end of the baffle with some pliars, wigled it and yanked it free. it could be that yours has some burrs from dilling, and thats holding it in, try chasing your holes with the drill again.

Good luck


I would love to see some pics... :)

Mine took some effort, it was a pretty tight fit, I ended up putting it in a vise and tapping it out.

After all was said and done yea it helped to remove it, but the real bang was by either replacing the whole peice (by removing the 4 screws) with a PMB or leaving it out all together.

If you ride in a noise sensative area then get the PMB insert for the 05. If not, leave the insert out all together.

I assume you're doing the rest of the free mods as well? They really wake the beast up!

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