the KX-450 Gents...

There goes Hondas rep for having the sweetest frame.......Again.

i thought that was a honda frame?

It actually is the same frame as the RM-450

The bike has no relation in any way to an RM 450.

Kawasaki and Suzuki developed their own 450's.

There was a relationship with the 250f. Not so with the 450f.

Think about it. If the Kawasaki and Suzuki were the same bike, you could actually buy a KX 450 now.

maybe that's true but when you look up close at the frame is looks exactly the same as the rm. They might say they are totally separate but that is what the said about the brute force and the king quad. I bought my wife a king quad and my dad bought a brute force. There is a TON of similarities between the two bikes. Just wait for the KX to come out, they wont be exactly the same but they will have a lot of similarities.The frame will be one of them.The more they borrow from each other the more money they save.

Who cares? this is the YZF forum, take this to the general forum.

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