Broken Chain !!!

I put a new DID X-Ring chain (Strongest One they sell) and sprockets (ironman) on my stock XR-600R and rode for about 200 miles, all sorts of terrain. I had the chain adjusted and cleaned at the shop and rode about 10 miles and the chain broke on me :o . I had done all sorts of stuff wheelies, acceleration, high speed to test it out with no problem :) ... But when the chain broke I was doing like 40 MPH in 4th gear, on a paved road, not accelerating, nothing, just cruising along :D ...

Looking back, they may have adjusted the chain a little tight, but not much, maybe an inch play instead of the 1 and 5/8 the swingarm says :) . It was straight and aligned, I checkd it before riding. My question is, was this a bad chain just ready to break ? Could that much difference in adjustment make it break crusing along not doing anything ?

Now I have two master links in the chain holding it together :D , is it more likely to break again ? Should I trust the rest of the chain since it has been broken once ?? I hate to replace it, because its brand new, but than agian, I ride alone in some very remote areas in South America where I never want to break down :p !!! Any advice would be appreciated Thanks...

If the chain was too tight that would probably be the reason, that or if it was old lack of lubrication, but it was a new chain so must have been too tight.

Get a new chain. Either there was a defect or someone overtightened/mis-alligned your chain. Two master links only adds to the weariness of your next breakdown. Good luck.

I would definently get a new chain right away theres no telling when it will break again you dont want it to break when your climbing a steep hill :) . I have a feeling its probally a defective chain those chains just dont break very easily. :)

I agree with the above posts to replace your chain. The thought of rebreaking it and having a worse case scenario of a broken case as well as in the middle of neverland isn't worth the stress. I've run these chains for a while and never had any problem and think their the best one out there for the L, sorry to hear about your bad luck. The best price I've found on these chains is on E-bay, the sellers name is petemmd and he(they) sell the 120 link vm x-ring including the master link for $82.00 and shipping is $7.00 to anywhere in the continental US. I've bought multiple chains and they didn't charge extra freight. You do have to cut it to lenght yourself. I just saw them on ebay this morning but they ended sometime today(maybe already). Hope this helps and good luck.

I... My question is, was this a bad chain just ready to break ? Could that much difference in adjustment make it break crusing along not doing anything ?...

It could have been a bad chain, but more than likely it was too tight. You can't always trust the data in the manual or the alighment marks on the swingarm because sometimes they're wrong. For accuracy, pivot the rear wheel up and down through it's full lenght of travel to find where the chain is at its tightest (you'll have to remove the shock to do this). Measure the distance between the countershaft and rear sprocket (center to center) at this point where the chain is at it's tightest. Multiply that distance by 2% and that should be the true sag you need for the middle of the chain when it's at its tightest spot. Once you get the chain adjusted for it's proper sag, then put the bike back together and measure how much sag you have in a given spot and write this number down in your manual or on the swingarm, etc. This will be your optimum sag where you want to keep your chain at and no tighter.

Next make sure your rear sprocket is perfectly aligned with the front. Don't trust the chain adjuster blocks because sometimes they're accurate and sometimes they're not. Place a straight edge on the rear sprocket so its pointing towads the front sprocket. Look down the straight edge & chain path to the front sprocket. You'll be able to see how well it's aligned with the front sprocket even if it's out of alignment by one degree. You'll then be able to tell just how accurate the marks on your chain adjuster blocks are.

I wander if under torque the alinement bends in or out a little ?

Too tight!! I have run my chain on my XR650L over 3000 miles without failure. Replace it and keep the tension correct. One jump on a tight chain may have cracked a link and it just failed later. D.I.D. make good chains and finding a "bad" chain in unlikley. I have run D.I.D, E.K., R.K., and MOOSE, and none have falied. I average about 3k to 4k on a chain. I replace them with the sprockets. The XR is hell on sprockets.


There's a reason for the chain slack spec., so this very thing won't happen. :) Don't second guess the factory tolerances. Not a good idea. :)

Ok, you guys talked me into it. I will get another chain from Service Honda, I hate to spend the 100 bucks :p ... But if it broke from being to tight, it probably stressed the hell out of the rest of the links :) . If the chain had a bad link that was ready to bereak, then im probably throwing money away. I wasnt trying to second guess the factory spec, I had a shop adjust the chain and just trusted them... After it broke I checkd it closely, it was aligned correctly but it was a bit was a bit tight side, but not too much. 1 inch play instead of the 1 and 5/8 listed on the swingarm... Suprises me this would snap a chain just crusing along a paved road, but I guess anything is possible :) .

The hole in the case thing would really suck :D

Being that the whole setup has only 400 miles on it, is it ok to use the "old" sprockets with the new chain (DID X-Ring VM).

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