95 or higher unleaded gas?

i was told that the main problem running lead gas is it softens up the hardened seats, causing problems, by sofeting em up. if the seats were soft it wouldnt be a problem.

i can get 100 at the pumps in nevada.. :)

Lead shouldn't react with titanium. The reason you don't want to use it in cars is lead will cover the platinum catalyst in catalitic converters. I don't think it even reacts with the platinum... just covers it.

But hey... chemestry was a long time ago so I could be wrong.

I don't think it's the ti valves that are the problem. I think it's the seats. I do know that Honda has used stellite seats for about 15-20 years. Lead kills stellite. There's a good chance that is the issue with the Yamaha motor and leaded fuel also.

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