Half Mod'd, is that bad?

Hey Ya'll!

I just got done doing the Airbox, throttle stop, and taking the whole snorkle out of my pipe on my 05 450F. I decided not to do the grey wire, because after reading up on it, I don't think it will do all that much. I could be wrong though, and may do it in the future....

Anywho, I was wondering if only half modding the bike will be bad for it. With the pipe snorkle out I can really hear the backfiring. I am planning on doing the AIS removal and probably jetting it here in a few weeks, but until then is it going to be extra hard on it without doing that stuff?

Sorry for the newbie question, but that is what I am! :)

It won't hurt it. I did the same thing. It wasn't till I rejetted added a YZ pipe and zip-ty fuel screw that really woke the beast.

Once you re-jet the bike you'll really notice the difference. The free mods help the bikes performance, but the jetting really wakes her up. You're gonna be running pretty lean until you do this.

I did like many others here and installed a 165 main, 48 pilot and zipty fuel screw. After that, it's like riding a different bike! The jets are around 3 to 4 bucks from the dealer and the fuel screw is around 25. Pretty cheap upgrades for a 6K investment.




So I just need to buy the actual jets, or do I need to get the whole jetting kit? I have NO IDEA what I am doing (yet). :)

I went to the dealer and just bought the jets and installed them myself. The James Dean jet kit has a lot more goodies in it but just wasn't for me.

If you plan on jetting the bike yourself here's a tip. Unbolt the subframe to allow better access to the carb. Makes the carb much easier to remove that way. Just use the manuals diagrams for reference and it a pretty easy job.


Needle is on back order. I waited for 3 weeks dealer checked and nothing was even in Japan. I went with the JD kit, well the the extra money!!! Go with the JD kit go to Yamaha get a 48 pilot jet & a 70 starter jet, all your trouble's will go away.


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