02 YZ250F to a 03YZ450F - good move????

I currently ride a 2002 YZ250F with a T4 pipe and the 2003 auto decomp factory cam. I love how my 250 handles, but at 6'3", 225lb, the 250 just lacks a little punch for me. I split my saddle time probably 50/50 between trail riding some hilly quarrys and rec riding some local tracks. I don't race (except for the "races" that always break out during our rides!), but I love to go fast and jump. I found a 2003 YZ450F that seems to be in pretty good shape, but I have never ridden one, and I would like a little input on the plusses and minuses of going to the big dog from my little pup. Thanks!!

I just picked up my bike a few weeks back. The 450 hauls serious ass and will put a grin on your face. I'm completely happy about it.

You'll love it. If you feel you're ready for something w/ more power, then you're ready.

Hold on!

Oh yes, you'll love it the first minute you try it. But the beast wears you out twice as quick as your 250 unless you are in good shape. :)

Try to find out the hours it has been ridden and how it has been serviced. We will be happy to help you in any questions you may have. :)

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