15 tooth coutershaft sprocket - XR600

My newly dual-sported '87 XR600 is currently running the stock 14/48 gearing, which is great off-road. On a couple of occasions I will be traveling on-road for 100 or so miles and would like to alter the gearing when necessary. I was thinking about just swapping in a 15 tooth countershaft sprocket for these trips. Does the case-saver have to be removed, since it is pretty tight with a 14 in there right now?


No you don't.


Again, thanks!!


I had to grind my cs to fit the 15 tooth sprocket on my '97 XR600.

I think it doesnt fit. 14 tooth was the tightest. 15 will mean removal

The XR650L uses a 15 tooth sprocket and should fit the XR600 since they share the same case. I run an XR600 14 tooth sprocket on my 650 for dirt use and teh15 tooth for street. The chain may need to be put on the sprocket before sliding it on the counter shaft though.


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