Quick Question, NEW BOOTS

Hey ya'll

I just picked up a pair of Tech 8's size 11. I just brought them home and tried them on with my gear and socks, and they are pretty tight. They are adjusted almost as large as they will go right now, and I am on the fence.

Seeing as how this is my first pair of new boots, I am not sure if I need to go a size larger or not. They are snug right now, not TO snug, but pretty snug.

Will these things loosen up a lot, or do you think I should jump up to a 12?

Any quick responses would be awesome! Thanks!

I wear Tech 6 and they fit just right from the get go and that's with thick socks and all. Clickers are about 1/2 - 3/4. You better go back and try on the 12's just in case. Too much $$$ not to be completely satisfied.

Oh, and mine usually feel tighter after I wash them and then loosen a bit after riding.

they will not stretch that much, I would at least try the 12s.

Try the 12's. My Tech 8's are size 11 but I normally wear a 10. With a thick sock they fit perfect :) It won't hurt to try another size, especially when you are dropping that kind of money. :)

I agree, go try on the 12's. When your out riding hard and you work up a sweat your feet will probably appreciate the extra room - I'd rather err on the large size, as long as they don't feel loose.

I just bought some Tech 8's and normally wear 12's. I bought 13's and they fit perfect. Even if they would have been a little big it's much easier to wear thick socks then try and stretch the boot with blisters.

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