CA Emissions Block off Kit

Alright, I installed my new tank after installing the block off kit only to find that the block off kit was leaking exhaust. :) I fired up the pig and wouldn't you know it. So I pulled it apart again, and instead of using a "light" application of hi-temp silicon like the directions said, I loaded it.

Man I hope this works.

Anyone else install the xr650 block off kit and have the same problems?

Which kit did you get? Did your block off plate have two cylinders on it to fill the holes or was it just a triangular plate that covered the opening?

I made my own out of a couple pieces of AL. I made sure to keep the stock gaskets in there though. No problems, didn't even use any goop to keep it from leaking either. I'd say you need to put the gaskets back in.

I bought the IMS kit from Baja Designs and didnt have any problems on my 03XRL.

I just put a descent amount of high temp black silicone and torqued them down. There were no stock gaskets on my motor.

good luck..should be fine.


I bought the IMS block off kit. What a rip off, I should have made my own with a gringer and a piece of steel! Oh well, its sealed now and I am good, just needed a butt-load of silicon on there.


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