Value of a clean 2000??

I have been looking for a WR and came across a really clean yz426. I actually agreed to buy a super clean 99 wr but the seller backed out :) This bike has a full FMF system, original tires (at least 90%), shot chain (even thou sprockets appear good) but seller has a new (in box) O ring chain that he'll throw in (I'll buy the sprockets). The seller is in his mid 40's (original owner) and claims he raced the bike about 4 times in the 35 and over "old geezer class" (his words, not mine). For what I want (a bike to throw my leg over and tear up the neighbor hood and run thru the woods around my house) I was thinking this might be a good buy. He'll let the bike go for $2,400 and include the oem exaust and plastic that is like new (it was removed when he first bought the bike).

What do you guys think? What seat of the pants difference can I expect between a yz426 and a wr426??


Sounds like a good price. The YZF is lighter, and you won't have to mess with changing the cam timing. If you need a light, just get an LED headlamp for $40.

Kelly Blue Book says

Suggested Retail Value $3170

Trade-In Value (Good Condition) $2155

Sounds like a good deal Buyer beware though

Ask if any reciots are availble of any work done?

Check for rust, Any welding that looks out of place (You can tell)

Spin the tires make sure the Rims are not out of round. Chain for rust, and cracks in the frame. Look at the oil as well check to see if it is black and feels grainy. It should be at least discolored and smooth never black and grainy feeling. You will also note if it is burnt oil as well.

If it is a milky colored then a possible Coolant leak is possible..

The chain does look bad. I believe he said he trailered the bike last fall over 200 miles in the rain only to find the conditions horrible once getting to his destination. He rode the bike around for a few minutes, dropped it twice and said screw it and loaded it back up and came home. Once home he washed the bike and I'm guessing he didn't lube the chain knowing it needed replacing anyhow. Nothing else looks rusty or nasty, just the chain. The sprockets don't really look bad either, just a rusty chain.

What can I expect different in performance between the WR tanny and the YZ tranny? Is the difference that noticeable?

Since the WR is = to Wide Ratio and the YZ is a close ration the power delivery is al ittle differant. Te WR wil probably chug longer through woods then a yz.

Hence the Name WR and YZ

One is for MX the other for Woods

as far as speed goes they is about the same

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