I did it!!! I got a WR450 tonight...Now I'm blue in a good way.

I'm just posting to gush! I'm all :):p:D I haven't had a brand new bike in awhile. Can't wait to ride it. I know there is a bunch of derestricting to do, especially on the CA model. Any threads I should check out? :)

:) Congrats to ya! I just got a new one about a month ago ('04 model). There is tons of good info here--just do a little searching for mod's. There have been alot of posts with what free mods to do lately--especially about the '05 models. You should find everything you want to know pretty easily.

Oh--and welcome to the "club"! :)

Go to www.thumperfaq.com. It's got tons of good info and don't let the site fool ya. Even though it seems like it's just for the wr 250 pretty much everything they tell ya works for the 450 :)

Congrats.....I bet you are going to love it. Let us know how great it is. :)

Right on Jason :) :)

You will love this bike. You already know it is leaps and bounds better than your ole XR. I just hope I can keep up with you now :p I betcha woke up this morning like it was your first Christmas. All excited, giddy, getting ready to go pickup your BRAND NEW ride.

Congrats buddy,

you deserve it


Thanks for all the advice! It's awesome having a new bike.


Today, you are no longer a maggot!.... Today, you are a WR450 Owner. You are part of a brotherhood. From this day forward, for the rest of your life, every WR450 Owner is your brother (or sister). Most of us will ride our WR's hard. Some will last, and some won't. But always remember this... WR Owner's die... That's what we're here for. But the WR Lives forever, therefore, YOU LIVE FOREVER!!!!

Semper Fi

...this weapon of alloy and steel

good one 2old4school :)

Congrats to us! Unfortunately I just bought mine on Sunday night and won't get to ride it until Easter. I couldn't refuse the opportunity to run it up and down my small street a few times though. I am a new member to TT now and look forward to seeing all-ya-all out their on the hill! Finally my childhood has come back its been 23 years since I bought my CR250 and sold it for the home, family, and kids. Success has finally come my way now at age 43 and now its time to go play!!!!!! Full Circle Baby!!!! Let's Party.

u made the right choice, be ready for the addiction, and beware they dont make a patch for it!!!!!

addiction is right. I can't seem to stop tinkering. :) Congratulations on the new addition to the family. All you have to do is hug it and love it and kiss it and soon you will have a full grown bad ass mofo to rip the arms out of your sockets and teach you what life is all about. I guess I will shut up now.

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