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Probably a stupid question, but here it is anyway. I've got an '04 WR450, but my owner's manual is for an '05 model. Should be close enough I would think. Anyhoo, the manual shows that the damping adjustment on the top of the fork is the rebound adjustment. Ok, I was fine with that, but on my buddy's '04 Honda CRF (I know, I said the "H" word), his fork--also an inverted fork, by the way--is stamped with a C to indicate compression adjustment on the top of the fork tube.

I would think that similar forks (both being inverted types) would have the adjustment clickers in the same place? Or am I missing something? I just want to make sure that when I think I am adjusting the rebound, I am not really adjusting the compression. Dialing in the suspension settings is tricky enough as it is without me getting goofed up about which clicker adjusts what. :)

Your right the 04 YZ/WR has the rebound on the top and the compression on the bottom. The Honda is the opposite. They both have inverted forks but are very different inside. Now the 05 YZ has a new Honda style fork with the compression on the top and internals similiar to the Honda.

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