Davis and Montclair Yamaha wins Baja 500!

I wonder now that KTM has shown Honda someone else can win a Score race, if Yamaha will return too? KTM has stepped up to the plate and won. SF is by far the roughest race of the treee race series for bikes. Ty Davis could win hands down in baja as he does in D37 and BITD. It would be great to see Yamaha's in Class 22, 30, 40 and 50. They are already in Class 21 and Sportsman < 250 and > 250 in Score. What would it take to get Yamaha down to Baja again? Just thinking blue. :) Steny

SCORE races are much more truck/buggy oriented. The race courses aren't nearly as safe & well marked as BITD courses. After what happened to Danny Hamel I think the big factory teams (other than Honda) don't feel it's worth it. Hopefully that'll change someday. It's good to see JC & Henge get knocked off their high-horse for once.

The fast guys in either Score or BITD don't need to worry about trucks/buggy's. The slower guys and weekend racers just deal with them in both series. Baja has something Nevada doesn't. I mean besides booby traps and such. It has flair. And time honored tradition and bragging rights. But both series cater to the truck teams more than bikes. I mean really, who has the biggest budgets? Steny

71 views. Any takers? Steny :)

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