dual sport brake switch

If anyone has the ability to post a picture of how they mounted there brake switch I would really appreciate it. I have a DSC kit and can't find an acceptable location.



Originally posted by Steve Morgan:

I used a Baja Designs hydraulic rear brake switch. Very clean installation. http://www.bajadesigns.com/

Hydraulic switches are also available through your local KTM dealer. They replace the banjo bolt and work flawlessly.

Rick, the Baja Designs hydro switch is very easy to install just take off the banjo fitting, put the switch in, bleed the brakes (the hardest part) then wire it up. I ran the hot wire (I beleive is the yellow one not sure....I have to check) to the switch, then from the switch to pig tail...you'll see it coming from the wiring harness. Mine had the right bulb too.

Thanks for the info on the baja designs hydraulic brake switch. I currently have two pull type brake switches with the correct connections for the wiring harness that came with the DSC kit and if somebody has successfully installed one, I really need to pick their brain.

I would say just get the hydraulic switch. No springs or anything to worry about. I got my K&S switch for $17 at a shop in town and hooked it up in about a half hour (including pulling off the seat/tank and bleeding the brake line and putting everything back togeather.)

Wish I could help, but I too installed the hydraulic brake switches. I got mine from 4strokesonly.com

Did anyone check out the original date of this post? I think the response is a little late. BTW hydraulic is the only way to go . :thumbsup:

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