Front tire talk..Brigestone 401f

I wanted to give a follow up on the performance of my new Brigestone 401f front tire. I will post a link for referance. Order one from thumpertalk. I believe they have access to them.

I have 10 hours on the tire as I write. I have been is some terrible conditions with it. Sand was day one, the other day was in an old mining area. Lots of hardpack and small rocks.

This tire is special due to its size. It is slightly taller and wider than normal. It is noticable once its mounted on the bike.

This is the best front tire I have ever used.Nothing else comes close. It grips like crazy and shows no wear. I prefer it to the 756rr. Thats how good it is.

I would continue, but there is not much else to add. I believe Brigestone could offer a money back guarantee on this tire and not get one returned.

Thanks, RC. I've been happy about the way the 756 works on the front, but the reviews on the 90/100x21's have had me thinking about them. Dunlop doesn't offer the size except for the 739, and although MXA said it worked really well, I have never liked the 80x21 in that tire at all, and I have a hard time believing that just making it bigger would make it that much better.

But, I don't have any experience with the latest Bridgestone stuff, so I was about ready to post the question myself when you up and answered it. :)


I have been looking at the Bridgestone tires as well as perrelli's

I am more incliced to try Bridgstone

Thanks for the input :)

I notice people hating the tire on the Suzuki board. Very strange. I love the tire for rocks and sand. Perhaps it is not good anywhere else?

Hating the tire in the 90/100 size, or the normal 80/100? On what bike?

Gee, maybe I should go look, huh?

Ive been running a bridgestone M67 90/100/20 for a year now and i love the thing it works almost everywhere :) and zip ty has them for $19.00 I got two for $50.00 shipped :)

They are disliking the tire on the front of the RMZ 450. It is the oem tire for that bike. Suzuki was the first to spec the new 90/100 -21 size.

Not that it matters to me. I live in Utah. It snown everyweekend! I may find out how good of a snow tire thsi badboy is. I like it everywhere else.

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