just tried out my dvp, and this is what happened

got home from work today put the needle, and tried it out.....

seems to rev quicker, pulls nice, but I had to turn my screw out 3.5 turns..

at 1.5 2.0 had a bad dead spot right off trottle....

2.5 to 3.5 seems to help but still has the dead spot... now this is with a quick twist of the gas...

45 pilot dvp needle 4# 168 main

any advice anyone...


Clark knows the DVP better-

Possibly #5 clip or #48 pilot or both... :)


I did this last week and there is a big differance between DVP#4 and #5. Put it on the #5, I could not get the front wheel off the ground in #4.

I had better luck with the 48PJ and the DVP in the number 5 from the top. Fuel screw out between 0.75 and 1.75 depending on altitude. 1.75 for sea level 0.75 at 4000 ft.


[This message has been edited by Clark Mason (edited 10-29-2000).]

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