gear bag

does anyone out there have a gear bag for sale, as mine got stolen last weekend with all my gear in it, so i am needing a bag to put all my old gear in for now. i do have this ad in the wanted but thought i would post everywhere, contact me at :)


I've been using hockey gear bags for the last few years. You must have a sporting goods store that handles hockey stuff. The bags are about the same size as MX ones and even if they are not on sale (which they should be in the spring) they are way cheaper than the MX versions.

No but I just picked up an Ogio 9900 for $71 on Ebay. Keep your eyes out and you can get an awesome bag cheap there.

Sorry about your loss. We should find the thief and string them up. :)


i use an army surplus duffle bag. not pretty, but its cheap huge and durable. check out your local army/navy store

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