Valve Adjustment

Ahhhh.....Good point. Disregard the above. Maybe someone that has a stage 2 hot cam will comment.

Keep us posted with what you find.

You know I think I already know the problem. After reading that article more closely I realized I'm probably setting everything too loose. The key part being this:

'On the intake valves a size .178 mm/.007 in. feeler gauge might still tightly squeeze in, this is ok, but a .203mm/.008in. should not fit. On the exhaust valves a .229mm/.009 in. might fight its way in but a .2254mm/010in. should not gain access.'

Before I ****ed everything up I took baseline readings and they coincide exactly with the above quote. So everything was probably still in spec! One thing I'm sure of is everything is looser than my baseline readings which probably explains the ticking. When I was doing the baseline and checked with the .152mm and .203mm feelers in the intake and exhaust valves (respectively) I found them quite tight. I've always set valves so that there is only a slight bit of drag on the median setting (.15 and .20). I guess this isn't the case with the XR. I'm going to set them tonight based on the article and I'll let everyone know.

It's a good thing I don't do this for a living - my customers would be a little upset when they got the shop bill for three days labour :naughty:

The article above says there should be a bit play :naughty:

My bad. :naughty:

You're right the manual says there should be a bit of free play in the rocker arms.I just did mine and it does'nt have any loud engine noise to speak of at all. Both exhaust valves were a little tight but within the plus or minus a .001 range, as was one of the intake valves. I adjusted em to spec, fired her up and the bike sounded fine. Are you talking a loud tic or what?

I readjusted everything last night on the tighter side and according to the article's specs. Still ticks but not as loudly. I think I'll leave them as they are - better they be a little loose and ticking than too tight.

Thanks Guys! This thread is the bomb! I have been wanting to tackle my valves but I have been to unsure of myself. Using the links and pics posted here, I knocked it out last night with no headaches... Thanks again!

Wow, last night must have been valve adjustment night. I did mine too. I only have about 800 miles on my "R", and the intakes were about .001 loose, and the exhaust were right on. Do they tighten with time, or loosen? I took about a thou out of the intakes. I haven't ridden it yet, but in the garage it sounds fine.

Good articles by the way.


I must have big fingers. I had a difficult time measuring the clearance on both exhaust valves, in particular the right one. I have a 1991 XR600R also, and the exposure on the 600 is much better than on the 650. I was using fairly short feelers so next time I might try it with longer ones. One problem I have on both the 600 and 650 is that the feeler rests on the lip of the opening and slides across it when doing the actual measurement.

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