external stator installation....

Just recieved the e-line external stator for my '01 YZ250F. Didn't get any install instructions or a new shifter with it What I did recieve though, was the outside cover with the windings in it, the part that bolts to the rotor, a big washer, a nut, and a saddle shaped washer. Now I'm assuming that you just remove the stock nut, lay the big washer on the rotor, lay the new stator on the rotor, lay the saddle shaped washer on the new stator and install and torque the nut. Then just put the cover on and you're done the hard part, right?

How do you remove the stock nut if you don't have the rotor holding tool? And, even if you get it off, how would you tighten the new nut on when the new stator part is in the way of where the holding tool goes? Has anyone done this install? Any advice would help alot.

Does a stock shifter from another bike fit a YZ250F with this stator installed in case i can't get the one from e-line? it needs to be out to the left another 3/4".

I'm trying to build a street legal supermoto bike, can't wait to get it done!

Your install thoughts are correct as far as what parts go where.

As far as holding the flywheel(s) during tightening or loosening, I use a modified oil filter wrench during tightening. During loosening I just smack the ratchet with a hammer (the impact method).

As far as a shift lever you can just SLOWLY bend / rework yours to fit. Or, you can buy an aftermarket steel lever that you can just bend up like a pretzel to fit. Either way, as you have probably figured out, it needs to be pretzeled to get out and around the stator cover.

Lots of guys run e-line stators down here for Baja racing. Run a new thread asking about that (shifter). Your bound to get a quick response. Steny

thanks alot guys. appreciate the helpful responses.

Any pics of your setup??? Trying to picture what you are talking about..... thx :)

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