I need a STREET Legal kit FAST!

does anyone know where to get a baja concept street legal kit somewhere besides baja concepts shelf? They have a 6-8week waiting period that I don't have time for.

thanks! (:

Give White Brothers a call, they may have some. I don't have the number handy, but their web address is www.whitebros.com.

Also try 2-Dads Racing (they post here a lot). 2-DADS RACING 888-248-9159 MARK

thanks! I'll try them

Call baja designs and order every thing you need seperatly, You can realy build a dual sport kit cheaper.

you need

turn signals

brake light and switch


hi lo headlight

headlight-turn signal switch

they all come with directions and you can wire it your self very easy to do. you might need a battery depending on witch state you are in and you might get away with out the hi lo headlight

I built mine for about $150.00

good luck

I'll look into that...

2 dads racing has dsc kits but no baja

sounds like a cool kit but

I don't like the funky light design

A friend of mine has the Driven Industries kit on his KLX and isn't totally pleased with it. The 'brain' that is mounted behind the headlight is pretty vulnerable - as discovered during a mild head-on collision at Hungry Valley/Gorman.

I've run the Baja Designs kit on 3 bikes and have had no problems with any of their parts.


still looking

no ideas have worked

I'm going to looking into getting it piece by piece but I don't think that's going to work to well

anyone want to sell me theirs???

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