I got went for an inspection yesterday.....

and failed for two reasons. One was my fault, I walked out into the garage yesterday morninig and saw a small amount of fuel had driped out of the float bowl over flow. So I decide to wack the side of the carb in hopes that it will unstick the float. Of course it does not and during the inspection, it drips and of course, no sticker with a fuel leak.

The second issue was that I did not have a chain guard?????? Have any of you ever had this proplem? if so what did you use, I took the chain guide of my son's TTR90 last year So I was going to see if could make that work for as long as the inspection takes. I would just hate to have to drill the swing arm for this BS.

The other thing that steamed me was that and just confirmed my negitive opinion about dealers. First I had to keep starting my 400 for the kid doing the inspection. Sure you have to know the process to get quick starts on the 400 but this kid did not know what the decompression lever was and why you would need it. He asked me so I explained and he just looked at me with a blank face and clearly did not understand. Second, since it was pretty obvious that the float was sticking I asked if while they had the bike there if they could open up the carb and hit it with some carb cleaner. The guy who works the desk at the service department did not know what I was saying and replied that I would need to make a seprate apointment for that because it may take several hours.

The deal unfrotunatly has gone the was of most small dealers over the last few years. All street bikes and quads with just a few dirt bike in the corner. The sales/service/parts department has lost of their dirt bike knowledge.

Oh well I get better price on parts from TT, and I prefer to do most work on my bike my self. Also I get a free re-test.

So anyone have a suggestion on the chain guard thing

Wow chain guard? I think you are on the right track trying to mount the TTR guard over it for the inspection. Carefull with the float bowl settings it is tricky to get just right. Just run all the drain lines temporary up above the carb and you wont have a leak at the next test! :)

I sat my licence on my wr450, but had to fit a chain guard first. (cable ties)

I can't belive I didn't think of that before I went in the first time! thanks Indy!

The guard from the TTR didn't fit, but the one from the wife's XR100 fit with some twisting and some cable ties, hopefully the PA inspection guys like cable ties as much as the aussie guys do.

Thanks agian :)

Ummm... not to be a dolt here but Inspection for what? Is there some annual inspection in the US and Aus that we don't have here in CDA?

some states here in the U.S. have Not only Emission testing for smog control's, but also a yearly vehicle safety test in order to renew the registration and Tag.

not all states have Both, some have neither. Florida is one of them :) we use to have safety inspection's back in late 70's and emissions came and went. i believe the safety inspection's should be brought back. too many dangerous vehicles in operation down here.

in the state of PA if you have a motorcycle registered for street use (like my WR400) you have to have a mechnical safety inspection once a year. I really would not care and typically don't worry about the inspection (relativly small fine if caught) but there are a few dual sport rides I want to do this year that require a current inspection if required by the state you bike is registered in.

In Oz a yearly inspection is also needed for rego, no "pink slip" no rego.

It works like this--Pink slip, Compulsory insurance (third party) then rego.

No rego = big fine around $1500 all up

Edit- that $1500 includes no licence

Wow... thats crazy, we have emissions testing here in Ontario but only for Cars and trucks (no motorcycles yet) and that only needs to be done every two years... Thanks for the replies all.

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