hard starting XLl600

I recently bought a 86 XL 600R. It has dual decompression cables on it.One is manual and the other works off the kicker.I mention this because it seems like it's robbing some of the compression, keeping it from starting up.I own a 95 XR600 so I know the routine to starting these beasts.Just so happens I bought both bikes from the same guy.He said the XL has always been harder to start.I do have a manual,I think I need to check adjustment on the decompression cables again.I did this once, but I think I may have did it wrong.Unlike the XR it's hard to determine the compression stroke,any ideals?

Thanks for any advice

Got it running,when I rechecked the decompression linkage,I found the valves out of adjustment.That made all the difference. :)

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