Odometer seal, WR450, 03

Anyone know a aftermarket part number for the odomater hub seal on a WR450, 2003, should be the same as the 2004.

When I took mine off the only ID on the seal was S000. I tryed to order a new one from the dealer and was told that I would need to order the hole odometer hub. I don't think so, I hope.



I don't see a seal on the odo hub side, so the dealer may be correct....do you really need the seal? I've never seen one go bad. You might be able to take it to a bearing shop and have thm match it up to one....

Not sure if I realy need one or not, I just like to replace things like that every now and then. I do get alot of dirt in there so I just thought it would be smart to replace the seal.

I will have to take my front wheel off again and take the seal in to match up with an after market one.



I get all my seals from a place in Indy called Metric Seals they have every metric seal you can think of. Get me the mm dimensions O.D. x I.D. x width and you can find their info on the web. I think it is www.Metric-Seals.com going by memory. :)

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