OT: MX VS ATV Unleashed

this si now availabl efor the PS2. The gasme is great. A major improvement over MX unleashed, if you can believe that. The tracks are incredible. The music is better. Online play is available. You have to qualify for the supercross races.

The hillclimb feature is fun. You have to use skill to climb some of the hills.

Overall, on a 1-10 scale , I give the game a 12. I woudl rate it a 14 if I had cheat codes.

If you dont have a ps2 , go get one. This game is about as close to riding as a game is going to get.

I would have to agree...If im not riding outside..im riding inside...AWESOME game. :)

Awesome game, I won every race in the SX part (on a bike not a quad). I am going to try the nationals tonight.

X-Box version is being released on the 24th. I can't wait.

hey if you want cheats go to www.cheatcc.com

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