won't start

where do i go from here.i have a 2002 426. i live in michigan.acouple of weeks ago i went riding.since then the weather got cold and snowed alot.now it seems like spring is finally here.so i went to start my bike,and nothing :) .it wouldn't start.i thought i may have flooded it,so i changed the plug,still nothing.i bought a hotter plug and gave her a shot of starting fluid,still nothing.it has spark,it's getting fuel.help!!

you may have to take your carb apart and clean it up. Sometimes it will get gummed up in there during cold weather or if it's been sitting a while.

Can you get it to pop or something starting fluid should have done something even if the carb was plugged up Is there water in the gas :)

i don't know if there is water in the gas or not.i have wednesday off and i'll put fresh gas in it and clean the carb.thanks for the suggestions. :)

Check your air filter too. A dirty/clogged filter will deny it enough air.

i checked my air filter when i gave her a shot of starting fluid.she's clean.wednesday i'll clean the carb and put in fresh gas and see what happens

If you're getting spark and starting fluid won't even get it to pop then something is pretty far off. Are you putting the starting fluid down the carb throat, or only into the airbox? Might also try another brand new plug. Remember the plugs are usually wet fouled, not carbon fouled so if it pops a few times and then dies, that may be enough to foul the plug. On the up side, some carb cleaner usually brings the plugs back to life.

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