Best Exhaust for XR650L???

I want to change out my stock exhaust for something that will give me more performance. I've already upgraded the air filter & will be re jetting the carb.

It's been suggested that I go with the "Big Gun" slip on race silencer with a vortex insert". However, I'm open to any suggestions. I would like it to be relatively quiet and would perfer the "Slip On" type. Please give me your comments and where to buy it.

Thanks in advance,


The big gun is could go with the Quiet one and not have to do the vortex insert, and most likely rangers wont bug you once they see what pipe it is. I also like the FMF looks hella cool. Another good ones the White Bros with a insert. But from pics I seen and what I read...seems its very close to turn signal and melting stuff.

I am still waiting to afford a good pipe and jet/air filter mods. But I am leaning towards the FMF Q2


good thing about the fmf is also you can upgrade to the powerbomb header later and get anouther few hp.


Dirtbike pipes are loud even when they are queit ones.I tried them and now I am running a Yosh streetbike can.It is a lot better.Nice mellow sound that will not upset the neighbors.Just had to pick up a pipe reducer at the local auto parts store.Used can and reducer less than 250.00. :)

I love the new Q2 look, I will be trying one out soon.

If you get the "Q" make sure you get the 1.5 turn down insert. The 2" is still too loud for some AMA events with a db. level set at 96db. I have one on my 94' XR650L. did not pass the first time. I had to stuff the pipe with steel wool. It worked for the sound test but promptly blew out the first time I pinned the throttle.


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