05 WR450 - forks squeeking?

I just notice that my 05 WR450's forks are squeaking; it has 400 miles on it -- have not touched the suspension, running it as delivered.

I notice it last night when unloading the WR from my trailer. I can rock the front forks up/down and it squeaks -- Anything to do or be concerned about?


Did you grease the dust seal?

I had the same problem with mine. It turned out not to be the forks, but the brake cable rubbing on the white plastic cable guides. There's one on the left upper triple clamp and one on the left lower. I was pissed because when I found it, I had already removed a bunch of stuff in preparation for removing my forks :) ...SC

Did you grease the dust seal?

No; at 3 months and 400 miles the dealer did the 100 mile initial service, a 300 mile oil/filter change & air-filter cleaning -- just did the air-filter last night again -- have not done any fork maintenance. Did not know any was due.


Pry the dust seal down and grease the inner lip all the way around. You can find it in your manual under "front fork oil seal and dust seal cleaning" in chapter 3.

I had a squeak from the front area on my 04, and it turned out to be my handlebar clamp screws where the crossbar bolts down to tbe bars. Of course, I had repalced the handlebars with taller CR bars. May not be your problem, but it was on mine and took me a little bit to find it. It would squeak everytime I pushed down on the forks or pulled up. Just an area ot consider. :)

After riding it yesterday; the squeak went away -- must have been the brake cable rubbing, but it's not now.

Thanks :),


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