James now infos?

Hi guys

I'm cleaning the carb and would like to do the James now mod. I did search TT about it but all the links I found don't work anymore. I'm trying to find the plans on how to make the mod. I remembered there was a file on that but I can't get it. :)

I should of made a print when it was there :)


i had the file, but found that its best if you measure your own up and make sure, if you have a pair of venier calipers they work great, get some 1mm thick steel and have a play, cut two tabs for the back so it looks like a T so it wont get sucked in, the air boot will also help to hold it in, i made one for my wrf400 99, works great, i did put some liquid metal in as well, to stop it flapping a bit, seems to have held up well

Thanks :)

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