Anybody riding the Elsinore GP?

I just got my Elsinore entry in the mail yesterday and I got #19 for my class (+40 Novice). Boy that blue bike is going to look good with that #19 on it. If only I could ride like Doug!


Is the Elsinore GP a Dist. 37 event if so what are the dates. I missed it last year and if I don't get with the program I'll end up missing it this year. thanks

Still waiting for my entry info to show up.

You're the second one who's told me they have received theirs. Come on Mailman! :)

Entered open nov on Saturday the 11th @ 2:00.


It is put on by Goat Breker (GFI). November 11 & 12. There is no club to join, but the entries are expensive.

The race is a total gas. About a six mile course through the hills with about 1 1/2 miles of street through town. There are races Saturday (125, 250, open, etc) and Sunday (age groups, dual sport class, vintage class, and the Hammel 100 pro race). The races end up being about 40 minutes long (6 or 7 laps for us novices).

The number for GFI is (909) 341-8002 they also have a web site, but there isn't much there regarding the race

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Heywood, thanks man I hope to make it this year are you just entering one class?


I am riding one class, plus the morning unclassified race (practice). It is a combination of the entry fees and me not being in good enough shape to ride more than one class. In the past I have just run the one race.

Proir to last year my M.O. has been to try and go as fast as I could. This usually resulted in some unplanned soil sampling somewhere along the way (usually towards the end when I get tired).

Last year I told myself I was going to slow down and try to finish without crashing. I accomplished that, but my results weren't that great. I got passed a bunch on the first lap because I was being cautious on the unfamiliar terrain.

So this year I am going to ride the practice so I can be a little more aggresive on the opening lap, and hope to do better in the results.

Hopefully see you there!

I'm entered in the 250 class as a novice (#66), and my son is in the 125 class just before. What an expensive day! We've never done it before, but we did do a GP in Carlsbad a few months ago, and it was really fun. Should be a good adventure, these are the things he'll remember most later!

I called today, and there are around 30 in my race, and about the same in the open novice. I thought about switching, but it seems like the racing will be about the same either way. I'd rather do the 40+, but I don't want to come for both days.

Just rambling, Gil

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Can you enter the day of the event or due you have to pre enter?

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