100 Miles

Hey everyone!!

I am approaching 100 miles on my new 05 450. What are some things to look for and/or maintain at this mark?

I have already changed my oil and filter after my first ride (lots of metal shavings) and I have lubed all the back bearings.

Also, what are some other mile/hour marks for maintenance?

I am still new to the 4 stroke game, so any advice would be awesome!


Change the oil, check the valve clearance, clean the air filter, and have fun with your bike.

One or more valves may be tight. My buddy's middle intake valve was at .07, while the other two were at .10. All three factory shims were 192, so he's replacing them all with 195's.

If you don't see the valves move again during the next 500 or so miles, don't expect them to move before 3,000 or so.

Wheels, your bud may not have to change all the shims. Just the ones that apply. :)

Spokes make sure none are loose, rear sprocket no loose nuts, gear shift not loose.

If you had lots of metal in your oil I would change it again after about another 1/2 hour of riding, but I'm just fussy.

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