YZ426F Does not like to start in Cold/Cool Weather

My 2000 YZ426F does not like to start when it is cold/cool outside. Basically, it will not start when the outside temperature is below 60 degrees. Other than that the bike runs like a champ!

I live in Missouri and I am unable to ride during the winter. Any recommendations would be appreciated.


You need a biger starter jet. NOT the pilot jet...The Starter jet. The starter jet only works when the choke is on. A larger starter jet makes for a richer choke circuit.

Although if it is cold enough out you may need to go richer with the pilot, main, and needle. but if you are only aroun say 40-50 deg try one size bigger on the starter. Any colder and I would try playing with the jetting.

Turn the throttle a couple of times before kicking :)

I ride year round with the stock starter jet. When it's colder I twist the throttle a few times. We have had a pretty mild winter so I guess if I had trouble keeping the bike running with the choke on I would try a bigger jet. I just have not had to.

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