Intake Valve is out..


Well for the first time in 6 months check out my valves on my 04 450. Seems like I have one intake valve that is tight. Any suggestions on getting the size right the first time for the pad? Also any suggestions on lube for the journals after you bolt it back together?

Unfortunately, the only way to know what shim you need is to know what you have, and the only way to know that is to pull it apart and look.

Use your current engine oil to pre lube it.

Once you've checked the lash, remove the cams and valve lifters (the ti caps over the valves). Your pad will probably stick inside the lifter and come with it as you pull it. Look at the size of the pad.

Then go in your manual, there is a table that tells you what new pad size to install based on the pad size you had in place and the lash you measured when it was in place.

If you don,t have the manual, some guys here probably have it... we'll find the answer based on your infos once you share it. Or you can contact your dealer, they will tell you.


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