yz400f need help

i need to change oil on my yz400 equiped atv... i read the tt oil change link.. buti do not have a frame tank like the bikes... so where do i put new oil in and also how can i tell if it is full... i have a dr d block off kit... anyone know how much oil what the motor alone will hold???

Empty the oil into a container, and measure the amount of oil that comes out. I guess that would be the safest way to go. I have no clue where to put the oil it, maybe ask the person that built the ATV about that one.

Likely you'll fill up where ever you're checking the oil level. It might not be a bad idea to get a Clymer book for the ATV. It will tell you just about everything (and more) that you'll want to know. If you're planning to keep the ATV for a while then it is worth the investment. They're about $20 on ebay if you can find it or there are websites. They're usually over priced at your local store.

Anyway, if you do one repair yourself (as opposed to having a shop fix it), then you will have more than paid for the service manual. Just my thought.

can i put oil in on the cover where there is 2 plugs by your left foot sitting on the bike????

ttt :):)

Hello, I just happen to have a yz400f equipped atv myself with a DR.D block off kit. I talked to the guys at Sparks Racing and they said it holds one quart and to fill it you poor the oil in the tube coming out of the top of the motor and there is no way to check it so it should be changed often.

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