99 WR400 front fork seals....

My friends WR blew both fork seals today. We loaded up our bikes and headed out to the desert. Midway through the ride we noticed oil leaking out of both forks seals. We may have wrenced down to tight on the tie downs? although my XR never has blown a seal and I wrench down hard.

Anyhow how much do you think it will cost to replace both fork seals at a resonable priced repair shop. We will remove the forks ourselves. We are in SoCal if anyone has any recommendations where to take it thanks....

The local shop wanted 100.00+ parts. to change mine. I bought seal driver for 40.00 and a damping rod holding tool for 40.00. Another 30 for seals and oil. With a driver the job is simple. I would never dream op paying for this service again.

Dont be fooled by the 100.00 = parts thing. This really means close to 200.00. The oem oil and seals are expensive.

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