She went swimming.

That's right folks, I dropped her into a foot or two of water, pipe side down.

Picked her up, kicked her a half dozen times and got nothing except for the sound of water splashing around in the pipe. Stood her up vertically on the back wheel and drained a good litre or two out, mostly from the pipe and a little from the air box. Cranked her over a few times by hand to try and blow out whatever might be in the head. Dropped her back down, another few cranks with the decomp and killswitch in and then gave her a good boot. She wanted to go, there were signs of life. Another dozen kicks and she fired up and ran as normal for the half hour ride home.

So I drained the oil. Terribly milky. Refilled, ran the engine for 5 minutes, drained and filled again. She runs as if nothing ever happened.

I figured the half hour ride home would have dried up any water that might have got into the stator and the couple of oil changes should take care of water in the engine.

Is there anything else I should do? :)

It will take a few rides and oil changes to get the water out. Ride it enough to get it hot and change the oil. Repeat until it's not milky. Maybe drain the gas tank and carb if you think you got water in them. Check the air filter.

Big T is right on. You should be okay after that.

OK. That's a relief.

Thanks fellas.

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