YZ450F cam in YZ400F

Hi,Has anybody got the '03'/'04' YZ450F cam in there YZ400F? If so have you had any problems?,How did it change the power spread? Has it made the starting easier?( auto decompress ) Any help would be great,I've thought & read some posts about the 450 cam in 426's,But not to much about the cam mod in 400's. :)

There are a ton of posts on this subject but there are so many that it makes it a little hard to find exactly what you are working for. Yes, I have done it and it wasn't hard to do at all. For me the hardest part was finding out where these mysterious shims are. Hint, they are located under the valve spring caps or buckets or whatever they are called, usually stuck to the inside. I found it easiest to remove the bucket with a magnet and the shim was stuck to the underside in the center.

I did notice that the power Down in the low and mid-range has improved a bit and is smoother across the entire power band. It sure is nice to be able to bump start you bike or start in gear if you want. I would buy the stock cam from the dealership and save yourself the $60 or so over the hotcams version. Having installed both I didn't see the benefit to paying more since they timing chain sat about the same on the cam gear.

I would do it again in a minute, it makes the bike more enjoyable to go on a ride just knowing that I don't have do the procedure everytime just right to get my bike started. :)

Hey thanks for that :p ,So what is the business with the cam chain? I've read that it doesn't sit right? This is the bit that scares me :) My 400 purrs like a cat,I'd hate to think that I'd do something to cause it to shit itself :D But I hate the starting procedure,I ride alot of TIGHT forests with alot of uphill tracks,I'm looking at a smoother power delivery,I've thought about the WR cam timing also :) Any Idea's?

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