proper way to adjust spoke tension

When checking spoke tension for a true wheel

should you check a spoke every 90° until 1 full revolution,then skip to next spoke and repeat until all are checked and adjusted.

I read one manual that said check & set every 4th spoke so 9 times in firstfull turn

then skip one and repeat until all are adjusted. not sure which is best any ideas.

Thanks borsy.

Take your wheels down to someone who trues wheels for a living. The cost for me was well worth the headache of trying to true it myself.Besides that they actually got them tight enough so they are less likely to loosen.

Assuming the rim is straight and you are just doing maintenance. I have the bike on the stand and tap the spoke with the spoke wrench and listen for a high frequency tone when I strike the spoke. If it sounds dull I tighten the spoke about a eighth to quarter turn and go the the next spoke. I keep doing this till the pitch sounds the same on all of the spokes.

Once set they stay in place fairly well. I noticed the spokes around the rim locks are the ones that need the most maintenance and after riding a lot of whoops the spokes need to be checked.



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