What gives with pipes?

Since I live in Orlando I attended the Supercross at the Citrus bowl (great show!). Anyway I see all these riders with the latest pipes for there bikes. I see Yosh pipes, FMF pipes etc. I go out to the websites to check them out and nothing is shown. It kills me these companies dont keep there stuff updated. Does anyone know of sites that show the latest Yosh and FMF products?

Most of the pro riders run products we as common folk can not purchase yet.

The manufacturers' sites will have the latest available offerings listed. If you can't find them in the catalog at your favorite online discounter, call them and ask for what you want.

This is why I try to fnd a shop where I can do almost all my business. Even when he charges me retail for something, I know that he will save me a bunch on something else down the line, and when I need something special done, he's there.

You might also consider Thumper Talk's store....

Go to FMFs web site and order a 2005 catalog. It has everypipe they will offer this year


I am sure the other manufactors will do the same

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